Round 3UBK14F with 9M119F guided missile

Round 3UBK14F with 9M119F guided missile


3UBK14F round with 9M119F guided missile of high explosive action is a round of separate loading intended for defeat of enemy personnel located openly on the terrain, sheltered in different installations and objectives as well as for damage or destruction of these objectives when the missile hitting inside them.

3UBK14F round firing is conducted from 125mm tank smoothbore gun. Flight control of 9M119F missile (its guidance at the target) is performed with the help of control field formed in the beam of the optical quantum generator (laser beam) of the tank control equipment.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Calibre of 9M119F missile, mm 125
Firing range
 maximum, m
 minimum, m

Flight time of 9M119F missile at the range of 5000 m, s 16
Control system semi-automatic, jamming invulnerable, by a beam of the optical quantum generator
Temperature range for the combat use of 3UBK14F round, С° ±50*
Mass of 3UBK14F round, kg
 9M119F missile
 9X949 throwing device

Length of 3UBK14F round, mm
 9M119F missile
 9X949 throwing device


* Note. Combat use of 3UBK14F rounds is admissible after short-term (6 h) exposure to the ambient temperature from −60° to +60 С° and their subsequent keeping within the operating temperature range of ±50 С° during not less than 8 h as well as at temperature differences of the ambient air and the round charge of up to 70 С°.