9V866 Mobile Maintenance Station

9V866 Mobile Maintenance Station

The 9V866 mobile maintenance station and 9F719 test equipment of the 9K310/9K38 Igla MANPADS.

The 9V866 mobile maintenance station and 9F719 test equipment are intended to perform maintenance and scheduled tests of the Igla/Igla-1 MANPADS combat means and training aids.

The 9V866 mobile maintenance station ensures the carrying out of work under field conditions, the 9F719 test equipment — under stationary conditions in depots arsenals.

The 9V866 mobile maintenance station is arranged in the sealed K3301D on the chassis of the GAZ-3308 cross-country vehicle.

Power supply of 9V866 — mains supply 220V, 50Hz or self-sustained supply — power supply unit AB1-230-V from the 9V866 set.

Time of continuous operation 12 hours with consequent break of 1 hour.

Efficiency per hour during testing of articles 9M39, 9M313, 9F727 makes 18 pieces, and of articles 9P516, 9P519, 9F728 — 24 pieces.

The team servicing the 9V866 maintenance station and 9F719 test equipment consists of two persons:
number 1 — senior operator (chief of the team);
number 2 — operator (he is a driver-electrician at the same time).

Enterprise-developer: Federal State unitary Enterprise “Engineering design bureau”.

Technical Characteristics
Dimensions of 9V866, mm 7120×2400×3500
Weight of 9V866, kg, no more 6000
Time of 9V866 deployment from the field position into operating one, min:
in summertime no more than 30
in wintertime no more than 60
Time of 9V866 dismantling, min no more than 25

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