Missile 9M39 of IGLA

Missile 9M39 of IGLA

Missile 9M39 of the portable anti-aircraft missile system “Igla” (9K38) is designed for defeat of visually observed jet, turbo-prop and piston-engined aircrafts and helicopters on head-on and tail-on courses under conditions of influence of natural (background) and false heat jammings.

The missile is fired by a gunner from the shoulder in a standing or kneeling position from a fire position on the terrain providing good observation of air space. PAMS “Igla” possesses automatic introduction of elevation and lead angles, deep destruction of warhead, uses detonating fuel in propulsion system and displacement circuit in a homing head ensuring the missile hit into the most vulnerable components of the target and allows to defeat effectively modern aircrafts and helicopters of enemy.

PAMS “Igla” operation is approved for use under conditions of temperate cold, arid and humid tropical climate.

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 72.2
Length of a container with a missile, mm 1708
Start mass of a missile, kg 10.6
Height of target engagement, m maximum 3500
minimum 10
Maximum speed of target engagement, m/s 400
Activation time, s, not more than 13
Maximum range of the target engagement, m 5200
Crew, persons 1

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