IGLA-S portable anti-aircraft missile system (PAMS)

IGLA-S portable anti-aircraft missile system (PAMS)

   It is intended to engage tactical aircraft, helicopters, winged missiles and UAVs when they are visually observed and at night, on head-on and tail-on courses, under conditions of background and false thermal jamming.
  New "Igla-Super" system excels in qualities the level of world achievements in this sphere owing to:
  - considerable increase of hitting action of the warhead at all types of targets
  - increase of firing range
  - ensuring of firing at night
  - ensuring the simplicity of placing at various carriers

Performance data 

Range of engaged targets, м    6000
Flight altitude of engaged targets, м                                   10 ... 3500
Speed of engaged targets, м/s        
   - head-on course                                               400
   - tail-on course                                                            320
Mass of combat means, kg not more than 19
Time to transfer from carrying position to combat position, s   not more than 13
Immunity of jamming   high

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