5,45 mm  assault rifle AEK-971

5,45 mm assault rifle AEK-971

5.45 mm assault rifle АЕК-971 is used as individual small arms and designed for suppressing and defeating enemy personnel at the distance upto 1000m.

Automatics functionality is based on the usage of powder gases, retracted to the gas chamber cavity through the hole of the barrel side. The barrel channel locking is occurred by turning the breechblock. The elements of the movable parts are dynamically balanced. Thanks to this no impulses are conveyed to a gunner due to the displacement of the movable parts and impacts at the extreme positions on automatic reloading as well as the pulse of gas engine action. Finally stability of the weapon at firing is essentially improved.

5.45 mm cartridges of 7H6, 7H10, 7H24 indices are used for firing from this assault rifle.

Technical Characteristics

Caliber, mm


Mass of assault rifle with a magazine (without cartridges)


Bullet muzzle velocity, m/s


Rate of fire, shot/min


Overall dimensions of the assault rifle with the shut buttstock, mm, max

720 x 86 x 207

Assault rifle length in firing position of the buttstock, mm, max


Magazine capacity, cart., pcs.


Aiming range of fire, m

1000 max

Firing mode

           -individual fire
           -uninterrupted burst
           -burst of the fixed length (3 shots max)

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