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AGS-30 30 mm antipersonnel automatic grenade launching system

AGS-30 30 mm antipersonnel automatic grenade launching system

The small mass of the grenade launching system (which is twice as less of its analogue AGS-17) with a considerable set of combat ammunition allows to reduce the servicing crew. Small dimensions of the system, design peculiarities of the mount ensure the possibility of quick change of the firing position, firing from window openings and unprepared positions.

Serial shots VOG-17M and VOG-30 are used in the grenade launcher.

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 30
Rate of fire, shot/min 400
Range of fire, m up to 1700
Mass with a mount without a set of combat ammunition, kg 16
Mass of a box with 30 shots, kg 13.7
Set of combat ammunition of a system, pcs 90
Sight optical PAG 17,

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