DP64 Hand-held Grenade Launcher

DP64 Hand-held Grenade Launcher

DP-64 grenade launcher is designated for protection of submarines in the above-water position, ships at external roadsteads, anchor stops and bases, for protection of water-development works and other sea and coastal installations against attacks of underwater combat swimmers.

The grenade launcher allows carrying out loading and fire conducting by one person at a range of up to 400 m.

Firing the grenade launcher is conducted with FG-45 fragmentation grenade to destroy a swimmer and with SG-45 signal grenade to mark the swimmer’s location.

DP-64 grenade launcher allows conducting fire ordinary small arms from any place of the ship deck, from the deck house of a submarine in the above-water position and from a helicopter.

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 45
Quantity of barrels 2
Range of fire, m 400
Mass, kg, not more than 10
Overall dimensions, mm
in combat position
in carrying position


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