9F881 Target missile

9F881 Target missile


Target missile 9F881 (TM) is intended to simulate the air attack weapons during practice and combat firing in the air defense sub-units armed with the air defense systems and missile-gun systems.

The target missile flight is performed along the ballistic trajectory with simulation of the characteristics of the advanced air attack weapons (aircrafts, winged missiles) in terms of speed and radiation in the infrared wavelength band.

The target missile is launched from the 9A34 (9A35)-type combat vehicle of air defense system “Streia-10”.

Technical data

Flight time at vertical launch angle of 45°, minimum, s:
    - total 50
    - within speed range of 150...400 m/s 40
Flight average speed, m/s 250
Permissible elevation angle range of launcher during target missile launching, degrees 25...60
Calibre, mm 120
Length, mm 2190
Wing span, mm 360
Mass of target missile in container, kg 65
Mass of target missile in container and box, kg 105
Overall dimensions of target missile in container (length x width x height), mm 303x320x2300
Overall dimensions of box (length x width x height), mm 400x410x2400
Operating temperature range, °C from minus 50 to 50
Maximum range of flight (at launch angle of 45°), km 10,5