9Ф663M Tactical field training set

9Ф663M Tactical field training set


Tactical field training set 9F663M (TFTS) is intended to train the anti-aircraft gunners for operating the combat means of the man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) and for fighting performance including launching of the MANPADS operational missiles.

The training-practical missiles of the combat means simulators and operational missiles are launched at the air target simulators by the anti-aircraft gunners from the shoulder in a standing or kneeling position from a direct fire position providing a good observation of the air space.

The launches can be also performed from the trenches, from the objects moving across flat terrain at a speed of not more than 20 km/h as well as from the stationary objects. Tactical field training set 9F663M includes:

  - The hardware - software set;

  - The combat means simulators;

  - The unmanned aircraft system;

  - The control post simulator;

  - The launching mechanism of the combat launch control system.

Technical data

Number of anti-aircraft gunners for simultaneous training with use of combat means simulator, pers. from 1 to 16
Maximum number of launches of training-practical missile from one combat means simulator, launches 30
Range of target lock-on by combat means simulator, m:  
- air target simulator 100
- actual target 1500
Continuous operation time of tactical field training set (TFTS), h. 4
 Power supplies of TFTS equipment units  storage batteries
Operating temperature range,°C from minus 20 to plus 50

Training for the MANPADS operation and fighting performance is performed

using the combat means simulators.

Size-and-weight dimensions of the combat means simulators are in conformity with those of the combat means of the “lgla-1”, “Igla”, “Igla-S” MANPADS.

The training-practical missiles are the size-and-weight models of the missiles with the attached booster motors.

When training, the objective control over the trainees actions is realized with the

provision of safety of the operations performed.

The sub-unit personnel training is performed under field conditions both in groups and individually.

Training of the sub-unit personnel can be performed with transmitting the target

indication data to the anti-aircraft gunners using night firing system 9S520.

The tactical field training set allows to train the anti-aircraft gunners without launching the operational missiles at the actual targets and air target simulators.