9Ф875 target system

9Ф875 target system


It serves to launch radio-controlled high-speed targets simulating trajectory, kinematic, radar reflectivity and heat radiation characteristics of modern air attack weapons when testing the developed anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems and also during practice and live firing as part of combat training of air defense and fighter units.

The target system includes:

- ground control;

- launcher;

- radio-controlled targets.

Technical data

Target flight control                 automatic (with possible correcting)
Minimum speed of target flight, km/h 120
Maximum speed of target flight, km/h 500
Radius of target controlled flight, km 30
Target flight altitude, m from 25 to 5 000
Target flight time, minutes 30
Type of target landing by parachute
Operating temperature range, °C from minus 30 to plus 40